So far, we’ve only just hinted at the nature of our emerging game. Just enough to gets folks started thinking and talking about it. The original idea was to unveil it step-by-step here as we build it and prepare for the beta version launch.  But the game is moving faster than we are and we […]

Imagine playing a game that enabled you to master herbalism; including gardening, making your own herbal products, foraging for edible & healing plants, and sharing your knowledge with others. If you already have expertise with botanical therapies, imagine applying your craft in a community that awarded you for your skills and furthered your abilities. If […]

The ground is shifting under the bedrock of education, breaking it open to personalized learning, available to anyone … anywhere. New terms like “free-range learning” “blended learning”, “e-learning”, “mobile learning” describe the environment brought to us through technological advances via the internet. Learning futurists redefine the role of teaching. We learn better and at depth […]

  Just a hint, a whisper unfolding with the budding trees of spring, free-range learning, personalized for each member of our community is on its way…