A few years ago I happened across this TED talk by Jane McGonigal. Seen by nearly 2 million people, it’s a seminal talk that has changed our thinking about games, learning, and making a positive difference in the world. If you haven’t yet seen it, do give it a watch because it will help you […]

Softly, behind the curtain, a heartbeat is detected so its time to post the Syllabus. Knowledge is now coursing…. look for the new page.

Our brilliant research assistant in Montreal just shot over a link that speaks eloquently of some of the ideas behind the approach we’re taking for this game (thanks, Alex). Dan Pontefract is writing that “learning 2.0” is dumb and from now on he’s using the term “connected learning to describe a knowledge ecosystem made up […]

Sponsored by the Games for Health Europe Foundation: Why is gaming so important for health care? It has to do with user empowerment, participatory health care, a less hierarchical way of organizing health care that puts the patient in the center. Three important qualities of a game are competence, autonomy and relatedness which make a […]