Scholarships Awarded by Missouri Psychologist

May 29th, 2012 § 2 Comments

A couple of  folks on our waiting list had a delightful surprise last week thanks to the generosity of Laurie Domsch, who runs Table Rock Counseling in Kimberley, Missouri. She offered to pay beta membership for two people on our waiting list who needed some financial assistance in order to join!

She appeared out of the blue … in the nonprofit world I believe they’re called “angels”. Not only did she gift a couple of deserving students, she purchased a rather costly bit of software we needed to produce quality videos. Furthermore, it looks like Laurie will be onboard to assist our community into growing its healers.

Thank you Laurie!

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§ 2 Responses to Scholarships Awarded by Missouri Psychologist

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    D’Coda and HCC, you are all quite welcome! For those of your following and participating in the community, I see this as a grass roots eternal potential to show us some crucial ways to sustainability – through ecology, good community skills and an ever growing knowledge base of herbs for healing and nutrition!
    As a social activist for class, gender and peace, my background is actually Social Work, with both a Clinical License and background in Policy and Administration.
    I hope to be involved generating more resources for the community. You all can best help me by
    sharing stories of how the community and herbs and the coaches have influenced your lives! The power is fresh and immediate.

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    Well said and I’m so pleased you recognize this as more than “just another herb school” — it’s “taking healing to the streets”.

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