In collaboration with Native Expeditions, we’ll be holding four workshops for parents  on how to use herbs for common health issues of  infants and young children. Herbs are a safe, gentle and effective way to treat most conditions in youngsters, provided parents understand how and when to use them. Its important to know when its […]

Let’s try this again, it didn’t publish the first time !? Instructions are simple, just vote. We’ll keep it open for a week.

Enrollment is re-opened for the Herbal Coaching Community

Now that our initial beta team is settling in we’re about ready to welcome a few more students. The excitement is running high even though we had a few minor glitches with tools that didn’t perform well enough and more instruction on them was necessary. Students are making some inspiring contributions already! If you haven’t […]

I’ve been thinking about the peculiar path new initiatives  like ours must traverse when convinced we’ve got a “better way” to do something and must carve out space for it by disrupting long established patterns and beliefs. Then I saw this TEDxPurdue presentation from a recent Innovation series offering  a helpful way to look at […]

It’s that time again, another module is to be added to the syllabus and your preference counts! Please take a look at the following selections and vote on which one you’d like to have added next. Not yet a member? That’s ok, you can still voice your opinion and help us build a syllabus around […]

All of our new members are enrolled in “independent study” — or what we call, Soloists. While there’s an advantage of being free to study whatever and whenever, there’s a drawback we’re seeking to alleviate by using the study buddy system. A few of the benefits to having a study buddy include: Motivation to make […]