Help for Kids – “Everything You Need”

What you need to treat your child’s injuries and common illnesses naturally at home

Have you noticed all the reports about the state of health in children?












About their over medication, learning problems,and  the rise in autism? Mash that up with the gloomy financial picture and one wonders how children who need genuine health care are going to get it. Not drugs, health care. Clearly, both parents and children need help.

So, we are publishing a series of books focused on how parents can use what they have in the kitchen, the yard, and a few extras to buy inexpensively to help their babes. We have selected from the very best herbs and foods, narrowed it down to a manageable size and condensed everything in such a way as to make finding the appropriate treatment quick and easy. When parents discover a sick child in the middle of the night they need quick, safe, answers that get results. Meanwhile, we do encourage parents to learn more since this series opens the door to natural healing just a crack…enough to let in some fresh air and light. For the sake of their families, an education in natural healing is no longer optional. We offer the least expensive and most thorough program available at this time.

The book pictured here is the first to come out. This is actually a pre-publication announcement. We will make it available first on Kindle (you do NOT need to have a Kindle to read it). If we move ahead with our current plan, once we publish the book will be available to the public for free — for only 5 days. Then it will only circulate in Amazon’s premium club for the next 90 days before the public again has access.

If you know parents who could use this first book, please tell them about it and ask them to use the contact form on our main site to sign up  for a free copy. Send them

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