How Humanity is Catching Up with Plants

In our course on plant intelligence we learn that nature has already had broadband internet for, possibly, billions of years and that plants use it to communicate with their entire ecosystem.

Here’s an interesting history of how humans have advanced our own means of communication and sharing of knowledge. It also highlights the value of internet for learning complex subjects like herbalism.

“Humans, by our very nature, want to solve puzzles and understand anomalies. The internet, more than any medium before it, allows for this natural curiosity to be fulfilled.So has the internet changed us?…”

Some futurists predict we’ll one day be so wired in that we won’t need to move in order “to do” — Just like plants? (my own ponderings)

The video goes on to predict the kinds of changes we can expect from the web.


3 thoughts on “How Humanity is Catching Up with Plants

  1. The only thing that bothers me with the internet is everything being tracked and saved, it’s kinda creepy like big brother watching, or being stalked. It’s weird to shop on line and then the next day you are checking e-mail, and you have ads on the side for all the stuff you where shopping for the day before.

    • I know what you mean, I don’t like it either! However, lets not forget that the internet also allows us to track what might otherwise be kept from us, to our detriment. I’ve gotten really good at not seeing ads :-)

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