Making a Home for Story

As students have been turning in their plant keys, stories and videos, we’ve watched them drift by in a stream of discussion threads. Pulling those threads together couldn’t wait any longer – So today a new “museum for story” went online. Everyone who completes the orientation is automatically enrolled in it. Getting into the House of Quests is MUCH harder.

As with our other modules, this one has several levels and there is a locked gate between levels. Not only do you need the points to gain access to the gate, but you have to do something to open it. What are the levels?

  • Level one is where we collect the two most important types of notebooks = the Plant Keys (every student is responsible for one plant). And the Challenges notebooks (where students create and respond to each other’s learning challenges)
  • Level two is for actual stories. Accounts of what happened when herbs were being used. Or when someone experimented making an herbal preparation for the first time. Or an encounter with a plant.
  • Level three is for photos.
  • Level four is for their videos.

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