Making a Home for Story

As students have been turning in their plant keys, stories and videos, we’ve watched them drift by in a stream of discussion threads. Pulling those threads together couldn’t wait any longer – So today a new “museum for story” went online. Everyone who completes the orientation is automatically enrolled in it. Getting into the House […]

An Herbalist’s View on West Nile Virus

Let’s begin with the possibility that the West Nile Virus may not exist. It’s described as a close relative of dengue and yellow fever, arriving in the United States in 1999. We read that most people who get it  are asymptomatic, they’ll never know they have WNV. Only 20% show symptoms which may easily be […]

How Humanity is Catching Up with Plants

In our course on plant intelligence we learn that nature has already had broadband internet for, possibly, billions of years and that plants use it to communicate with their entire ecosystem. Here’s an interesting history of how humans have advanced our own means of communication and sharing of knowledge. It also highlights the value of […]

Help for Kids – “Everything You Need”

Have you noticed all the reports about the state of health in children?                       About their over medication, learning problems,and  the rise in autism? Mash that up with the gloomy financial picture and one wonders how children who need genuine health care are going to […]

Have you ever drank (or heard of) Smreka? Abbe, who has a special interest in fermentation, recently introduced it to us. Its made by fermenting Juniper berries. She’s been contributing exotic recipes to our forum – like a great zatar spice recipe using sumac. Abbe, a dancer, runs an artist-in-residence program in the Missouri countryside, […]

Our botany course has just been added to the syllabus. Yes, there was a time (not that long ago) when physicians were, necessarily, botanists. For any herbalist who works directly with plants, in the field, meadow and forest, botany has a way of opening the eyes to relationships we might otherwise miss. Our botany module […]

What a sweet feeling! To share in the experience of learning, watching students grow roots into the soul of healing with plants! Leoni, one of our beta team, has contributed so much to our community in such a short time. Like many of our other students, she didn’t consider herself “computer competent” and was wary […]