The Plague–Our Next Herbal Quest

To play a game one must be ready for the unexpected challenge. Our Quest on Chagas disease was just closed (yes there was a “winner”) and we’re now preparing a report. It would be lovely to have a spot of quiet time to write it up but alas, along comes the plague. Residents in the […]

Anatomy 101 for Herbalists

As a general rule, herbalists prefer to study plant parts, so it was a real challenge to create an anatomy course that wouldn’t drive our students crazy — while easing them towards mastering the basics. I hope it isn’t too bold to announce that  we’ve just added a fun anatomy course! This is a study […]

The Day I Bet My Life on Herbs

During all the years I lived alone in the wilderness I successfully faced down   bear, cougar, storm and hunger; it was a pebble that nearly killed me. It happened hiking down the thousand foot mountain spine  I jokingly called a trail. I knew it was treacherous and I always took my time on it but […]