Quality Holistic Healthcare for Everyone, Even Those Without Money

In June we’ll be a year old! Our ability to provide a grassroots system to offer holistic, natural healthcare to anyone who asks is just around the corner thanks to members, volunteers and contributors.

One of our members, Mrs. Paula D. Hill, is an accomplished computer programmer and webmistress. She is currently upping our game by pulling together our learning objectives with the necessary technology to enhance the spirit of play, making learning a grand adventure. She’s volunteered long hours to this work because she sees the need to foster a DIY natural healthcare community in answer to our faltering medical system.

This year we’ll launch a crowdfunding campaign to provide scholarships to those who can’t afford to pay enrollment fees. A knowledge management company in Europe, Open Intelligence, is helping us to create a successful launch by donating a copy of their newest report The Crowdfunding Monitor. This publication represents “everything you need to know” and will come out regularly. I highly recommend it to anyone who contemplates crowfunding of their project. Check it out:

One of our big frustrations has been insufficient solar power to allow me computer time to do everything I need to do on behalf of this project. Open Intelligence is also making a contribution that gives me a few more hours a day online.

I also want to thank Francesca Garcia-Geri for her support in sponsoring our herbal classes at in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. What a marvelous community of eager herbalists we have gathering – twice a month. One of whom, Heath Redding, is a talented video producer who is recording our classes and has experience creating videos for crowdfunding campaigns. Yes, we’ll be putting our heads together for a video to introduce our project on Indiegogo.

Up ahead, intensives in the Ozark forest, a big festival at and much more, may this be a year of wellness for all.

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