New Site, New Blog

Hi all, you may have noticed activity slowing down here. That’s only because I had to create a new website when the platform we were using developed glitches that couldn’t be fixed by their tech team.  The new site has the same web address and it also has a resident blog so I’ve been posting there and haven’t had the time for running more than one blog. So…please visit our site for more frequent updates. It also has a newsletter you can subscribe to.

I recently gave a couple of classes at the Herbalismo Festival and just published a story about the event. You can find it

There have been a lot of changes and more to come. For a limited time were offering free enrollment, at least until we get all of the features up and running on our new site. Watch for announcements of our new mini-courses and webinars, too.

I don’t know how often I’ll be posting here folks. I’d like to think I can keep more than one blog active since different platforms seem to draw different groups of people. Right now my priority is developing a set of modules on herbal care of small children. I expect to launch that mini-course around the first of December. It will be more of a class format, each module running as a class for about 6 weeks. There will be four modules plus a free ebook. You’ll need to sign up for the course and sign-ups will be opened by the middle of November if not sooner. I believe all herbalists should take time to study the special needs of infants and toddlers, even if we don’t have any of our own, because mothers can get frantic and call an herbalist for help…that’s something we need to be qualified and ready for.

Tom Easley, D’Coda, Mathew Wood, Sandra Clair at Herbalismo, 2013

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