Herbal Care of Infants and Young Children–4 part Course Begins Dec 1-3

A year-end special that actually DOES help children! Start 2014 with free enrollment in herbal studies for one year, an e-book on Kitchen Medicine for Tiny Tots, and the confidence of knowing what to do when little ones are injured or sick. Enroll in our 4 part course by November 25 to take advantage of this offer. The cost? $100.

The debacle of Obamacare illustrates why we need to take some responsibility and create our own grassroots natural healthcare system. We can do it folks. Part of the answer is to make education more widely available. So we’re taking decisive action to temporarily waive our enrollment fee for our Basic Level. When we re-instate it we’ll make sure its affordable, with the option of using our own currency, the Sepal. But you can lock it in for a free year by signing up for our new course.

We’ve added a new level to the school, the Achievement Level and this course is the first of many to come out in 2014. Our new level is directed towards those who want more structure, along with the credentials that enable them to progress towards Level Three, our Mastery Level (in development). Its also geared for folks who just want to take a specific course. For example, parents who want to learn how to keep their children healthy may find that the children’s herbal course is all they need.

Folks who enroll in an Achievement Level course automatically have access to our Basic Level while they are taking a course or , once they complete it, so long as enrollment at the Basic Level is free.

Take advantage of this opportunity by enrolling at our website,

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