Elder Mountains Caught in the Act of Creating Herbalists! Part One

What is it about the Ozarks that protected traditional herbalism well into the 20th century while it was being swept aside by modern medicine everywhere else? Why did Native American tribes travel from afar to gather the herbs of what they called “the Elder Mountains”? And, how might these factors influence today’s revival of herbalism? […]

Our New Currency for Wellness

Imagine NOT needing money! Thanks to the many pioneers who’ve honed the means to evolve New Economics for sustainable communities, we now have our own Community Currency System (CES) called The Herbal Coaching Community Exchange.  Its free to join and available to everyone. We’ll be using it to trade herbs, herbal products, sessions with qualified […]

Quality Holistic Healthcare for Everyone, Even Those Without Money

In June we’ll be a year old! Our ability to provide a grassroots system to offer holistic, natural healthcare to anyone who asks is just around the corner thanks to members, volunteers and contributors. One of our members, Mrs. Paula D. Hill, is an accomplished computer programmer and webmistress. She is currently upping our game […]

We’re Hosting an Earth Bag (Super Adobe) Construction Workshop

While its not about herbalism, it definitely is about community building…a strong community contributes so much to wellness. Especially when homes are made of natural materials like earth. We’re building a super adobe home for a friend of the community, Lucia, a tireless activist on behalf of women, children, laborers, the environment. The workshop will […]

A Full Year of On-Site Classes and Wilderness Intensives

2013 is packed with herbal goodness! I’ve just added a full year’s worth of classes, events, workshops to the “Events, Workshops” page so check it out to see if there’s something nearby you’d like to attend. At the end of the year I’ll be giving some classes at the upcoming Herbalismo festival near Austin, Texas. […]

Are You an Activist for Your Own Life?

In 1955 my brother and I came down with strep throat. Untreated, it turned into rheumatic heart disease for me and nephritis for my brother. The doctors said there was nothing they could do for either of us other than to give me antibiotics for the rest of my life to prevent infection in my […]

Problem Based Learning with Herbal Challenges

How does a school of herbalism draw on the collective intelligence of its students, many of whom have been studying and practicing herbalism for years? How do we ripen personal experiences with evidence from clinical research? How do we sort through controversy to determine for ourselves where its resolution can be found? Most importantly, how […]

Its no good to be adrift, floating through the vastness of herbal cyberspace.Even with a structured program such as ours, explorers need to be able to dock somewhere that provides all the necessities for their mission. Not unlike the ISS (International Space Station), Home Base is the mother ship that safely carries our crew through […]