Herbal Care of Infants and Young Children–4 part Course Begins Dec 1-3

A year-end special that actually DOES help children! Start 2014 with free enrollment in herbal studies for one year, an e-book on Kitchen Medicine for Tiny Tots, and the confidence of knowing what to do when little ones are injured or sick. Enroll in our 4 part course by November 25 to take advantage of […]

Every day the Fukushima Daichi nuclear plants pour huge amounts of radioactive material into the air and sea. There is still no end in sight, no solution has appeared. On the contrary, we are told that maybe it will be stopped in 50 years. The jet stream carries these radioactive isotopes into North America and […]

Anatomy 101 for Herbalists

As a general rule, herbalists prefer to study plant parts, so it was a real challenge to create an anatomy course that wouldn’t drive our students crazy — while easing them towards mastering the basics. I hope it isn’t too bold to announce that  we’ve just added a fun anatomy course! This is a study […]

Making a Home for Story

As students have been turning in their plant keys, stories and videos, we’ve watched them drift by in a stream of discussion threads. Pulling those threads together couldn’t wait any longer – So today a new “museum for story” went online. Everyone who completes the orientation is automatically enrolled in it. Getting into the House […]

Our botany course has just been added to the syllabus. Yes, there was a time (not that long ago) when physicians were, necessarily, botanists. For any herbalist who works directly with plants, in the field, meadow and forest, botany has a way of opening the eyes to relationships we might otherwise miss. Our botany module […]

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