Are You an Activist for Your Own Life?

In 1955 my brother and I came down with strep throat. Untreated, it turned into rheumatic heart disease for me and nephritis for my brother. The doctors said there was nothing they could do for either of us other than to give me antibiotics for the rest of my life to prevent infection in my […]

Problem Based Learning with Herbal Challenges

How does a school of herbalism draw on the collective intelligence of its students, many of whom have been studying and practicing herbalism for years? How do we ripen personal experiences with evidence from clinical research? How do we sort through controversy to determine for ourselves where its resolution can be found? Most importantly, how […]

How Humanity is Catching Up with Plants

In our course on plant intelligence we learn that nature has already had broadband internet for, possibly, billions of years and that plants use it to communicate with their entire ecosystem. Here’s an interesting history of how humans have advanced our own means of communication and sharing of knowledge. It also highlights the value of […]

I’ve been thinking about the peculiar path new initiatives  like ours must traverse when convinced we’ve got a “better way” to do something and must carve out space for it by disrupting long established patterns and beliefs. Then I saw this TEDxPurdue presentation from a recent Innovation series offering  a helpful way to look at […]

All of our new members are enrolled in “independent study” — or what we call, Soloists. While there’s an advantage of being free to study whatever and whenever, there’s a drawback we’re seeking to alleviate by using the study buddy system. A few of the benefits to having a study buddy include: Motivation to make […]

Our brilliant research assistant in Montreal just shot over a link that speaks eloquently of some of the ideas behind the approach we’re taking for this game (thanks, Alex). Dan Pontefract is writing that “learning 2.0” is dumb and from now on he’s using the term “connected learning to describe a knowledge ecosystem made up […]