Quality Holistic Healthcare for Everyone, Even Those Without Money

In June we’ll be a year old! Our ability to provide a grassroots system to offer holistic, natural healthcare to anyone who asks is just around the corner thanks to members, volunteers and contributors. One of our members, Mrs. Paula D. Hill, is an accomplished computer programmer and webmistress. She is currently upping our game […]

Reblogged from WORLD-WIDE WOOD: All the great character trees in the wood have a name. This Ash is called the Welcome Tree because our visitors love to sit in its mossy hand and marvel at his enormous strength of the thumbs up. Ash is not merely an “iconic” English tree, it is an awesome tree […]

The Eerie Silence of “Post-Sandy”

Are you feeling it too? I couldn’t sleep tonight, thinking about Abbe, an HCC student who recently moved to New York City. Wondering what kind of life she faces over the next few weeks. After hearing that the death toll was low I felt some relief since the odds were, she survived. I saw the […]

As the cold weather set in we’ve been scurrying to install solar powered internet where there’s some heat! I’ve tried it, typing on a computer with gloves on doesn’t work.  For those who don’t know, we’re located off the grid in the Buffalo River National Forest area and my computer hook up was in an […]

It’s that time again, another module is to be added to the syllabus and your preference counts! Please take a look at the following selections and vote on which one you’d like to have added next. Not yet a member? That’s ok, you can still voice your opinion and help us build a syllabus around […]

All of our new members are enrolled in “independent study” — or what we call, Soloists. While there’s an advantage of being free to study whatever and whenever, there’s a drawback we’re seeking to alleviate by using the study buddy system. A few of the benefits to having a study buddy include: Motivation to make […]

The House of Quests Awakens

Oh dear, this game seems to have a life of its own! I was having dinner alone last night when a note appeared on the table. No one else was around and I know it wasn’t there when I sat down. It was on that elegant ivory vellum paper, not the modern plastic kind but […]