Events & Workshops

D’Coda’s 2013 Schedule for on-site classes,

intensives and workshops

Herbal Classes at Flora Roja Acupuncture Clinic, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Here’s the year’s schedule for classes at Flora Roja Community Accupuncture Clinic, See below the Flora Roja schedule  for classes and intensives at other locations.

The Art of Making Medicine Pt 1

Tuesday February 19: 6-8 pm  at Flora Roja:, Emphasis on respiratory system. Which herbs to use for various respiratory problems. Learn the finer points about preparing infusions, decoctions, syrups,  oxymels, chest and throat wraps, steams and smokes

March 12: Class: Herbal Energetics

Learn to use the pattern language of energetics to assess health conditions and the herbs best suited to them. How Traditional Western herbal energetics compares to the energetic terminology of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.

March 26 Class: Tonic Herbs:

What makes an herb a “tonic”? What are traditional western “spring tonics” and how do they compare with TCM style “superior tonic herbs”? Which western herbs qualify as TCM-style superior tonics? Do any of them grow here in the Ozarks? How to use them

April 9 Class: Art of Making Medicine Pt. 2

Determining the quality of your base herbs and other ingredients. Shelf life. Dosages. Learn how to make tinctures using different menstrums, infused oils, creams, salves, ointments

April 23 Class Class at Flora Roja: First Aid : your herbal first aid kit and how to use it. Making your own bug sprays and eliminating mosquitoes from your living area naturally. What can you use that grows nearby? Snakebite, blisters, cuts,scrapes,bruises, bee and wasp stings, poison ivy, sunburn, burns, chiggers.

May 21, Class: Herbal Care for Men:

This class focuses on male sexual health and problems with the prostate, erectile dysfunction, infertility, testosterone. Also issues around hair loss, body building and exposure to xenoestrogens.

June 11 Class: The Immune System

What is the immune system, how does it work, how does our lifestyle affect it and how do “immune support” herbs alter the immune system? What are auto-immune dysfunctions? Allergies.

June 25 Class: Herbal Care for Women Pt. 1 – Menopause & After

Understanding hormones and how the “change of life” can be smoothed naturally into a gift. Use of bio-identical hormones. What role can herbs play ?

July 23 – Class: Food as Medicine

Medicinal properties of culinary herbs. Medicinal properties of common foods. Preparation of herbal vinegars and ferments. Emphasis on diet as the first step in any healing effort common to all herbal traditions.

August 6 – Class: Nervous System

Overview of the nervous system and its various dysfunctions (neuralgia, sciatica, ALS, etc.) How to rebuild the nervous system. Nerve stimulants and nerve relaxants.

August 20 Class – The Digestive System

An overview of how the digestive system works, what it needs to remain healthy (or recover), the role of synbiotics, herbs for the digestives system, how to make your own lacto-fermented foods.

Sept 3 – Class: Nutritives

What are the herbal “superfoods”? How to grow and use them. Differentiate between the nutritives with a tropism for the different body systems (for example, which focus on the heart? The lungs?)

 Sept 17 – Class: Aromatherapy

How to select therapeutic grade essential oils and hydrosols. How to make a hydrosol (we’ll make one in the class). We’ll discuss the use of aromatherapy for the conditions and systems we’ve covered already in previous classes.

Oct. 8 Class: Herbs for Young Children and Babes

Common conditions and safe herbs for youngsters, doses for children, how to prepare herbs so children will take them, involving children in the making of their herbal medicines

Nov 12 – Class: Aging and Eldercare

How do we select the best herbs for elders? Which herbs are to be avoided? Herbal treatment for some common aging problems: dementia, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, general debility, eyesight. Useful longevity protocols.

Nov 26 Class: Shifting towards Winter: Seasonal Preparedness

This class covers the traditional practice of preparing a month in advance of seasonal changes for the next season, and ways to better adapt to the season itself. In this case,we’ll discuss how to start preparing for winter and how to boost our health during winter…to also, be better prepared for spring and summer. Especially good information for anyone who has allergies or is prone to winter flu and colds.

Classes run from 6-8pm. For more information –

Call 479-253-4968

Flora Roja

119 Wall St.

Eureka Springs Ar

Classes & Intensives at Other Locations

April 24 Eureka Earth Festival  10 am – free workshop , see for information

May 3-5 Intensive: The Art of Wildcrafting: Springtime Session at Wild Magnolia

Weekend Intensive at Wild Magnolia: Those who cannot attend the Fri. night – Sun session can arrange to attend portions of the intensive. This will be a camping trip, those who cannot camp may find lodging nearby, request info. This intensive will be held in a wilderness preserve stewarded by Arco Iris. We will have use of the pavilion and camp ground (see for photos and description). The intensive includes learning wildcrafting skills and ethics, plant identification of early spring plants, how they are used as edible or medicinal plants, and exercises in plant communion. We will also play pervasive games for herbalists. Storytelling around the campfire. Cost: $200 for non-members of Arco Iris, $150 for members of Arco Iris (membership in Arco Iris costs $25 a year). To register email

June 29, 2-4 a free presentation at the Newton County Public Library on Ozark’s Edible Wild Plants. For more information contact the library at (870) 446-2983 or email:

July 12-14 Intensive: Art of Wildcrafting: Summer Session at Wild Magnolia

A continuation of part one with the discovery of what summer brings us. Also, discussion of how to prepare the body in advance for Fall. Contact for info and to register.

Sept 27- 29 Intensive: The Art of Wildcrafting – Autumn Session

A continuation of previous wildcrafting intensives with an exploration of plants in the early autumn. Contact

October 24-26 classes at the Herbalsimo herbal gathering near Austin, Texas. See for more information.


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