Get the Playbook & Join Waiting List

You can now order a free copy of our Playbook (version 1). We expect to make a few revisions after we get some feedback and hope you’ll chime in! New revisions will be announced on this page and if you didn’t get one, just send an email to the address below for a copy. We’ll put the “final” version on Kindle and will let you know when its ready.

We recommend joining our waiting list now. Not only because we’ll limit the size of the community but because there’s something special awaiting the first ten who join the waiting list and follow though with playing the learning game (hint – read the Playbook to find out what they’ll win).

Request a copy of the Playbook and/or sign up to the Waiting List by emailing your request to :

11 thoughts on “Get the Playbook & Join Waiting List

  1. says:

II am very excited!

  • Interested in joining the game. My wife and I will get to meet you on next weekend at the Edible Herb class being held in Yellville.
    Sean Sikes

  • I am very interested in the game. My wife and I are looking forward to meeting you at the seminar being held next week in Yellville!
    Sean Sikes

    • Hi Sean, our Ozark ecology is superb and so are the folks who gather to explore it so I’m really looking forward to meeting both of you. We’ll have a chance to talk about the game & possibly even see some of it. I’ll send you the Playbook now so you have a chance to read it before hand. See you soon.

  • Dcota – I had a wonderful time on Sat. in Yellville – It was wonderful to meet you and many others while I was there. The edible workshop as well as medicinal workshop was very eye opening to me and looking forward to learning so much more. Thanks again
    Velerie Helm

    • Thanks for writing Vel, its good to know when folks find a workshop worthwhile & inspires me to offer more of them. I especially love how it brings like-minded people together who otherwise may never meet each other. I’m looking forward to learning more about your own plant journey!

  • Hey dcoda. I’m meeting with kim today. Some other promising perspectives to come in LA and santa cruz. I hope you are well…. how has the antler fuzz worked? Can’t waite to start playing!

    • Can’t wait to hear all about your meeting! The antler fuzz is helping but I think the biggest change is due to a determination NOT to lug stuff up and down the mountain, too much weight on the spine…it finally seems to be healing. Also taking, bromelain and curcumin. I’m working on the 3rd module and want to have four ready when the game opens…whew, there’s a LOT involved!

    • The “About” page gives the fundamentals and will be added on to as our team develops. We have a small core of herbal students who have already been studying with me and other instructors/institutions…waiting in the wings for the official launch. Arco Iris, Inc. is the parent organization (described on the About page. I’m a volunteer with the Arco Iris Earth Care Project and a long-time herbal instructor…also founder of this learning community. The Herbal Coaching Community is just getting started, there’s room for qualified individuals on the team so if you have suggestions, please write! Thanks for your interest Anne.

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