Problem Based Learning with Herbal Challenges

How does a school of herbalism draw on the collective intelligence of its students, many of whom have been studying and practicing herbalism for years? How do we ripen personal experiences with evidence from clinical research? How do we sort through controversy to determine for ourselves where its resolution can be found? Most importantly, how […]

Every day the Fukushima Daichi nuclear plants pour huge amounts of radioactive material into the air and sea. There is still no end in sight, no solution has appeared. On the contrary, we are told that maybe it will be stopped in 50 years. The jet stream carries these radioactive isotopes into North America and […]

An Herbalist’s View on West Nile Virus

Let’s begin with the possibility that the West Nile Virus may not exist. It’s described as a close relative of dengue and yellow fever, arriving in the United States in 1999. We read that most people who get it  are asymptomatic, they’ll never know they have WNV. Only 20% show symptoms which may easily be […]