Problem Based Learning with Herbal Challenges

How does a school of herbalism draw on the collective intelligence of its students, many of whom have been studying and practicing herbalism for years? How do we ripen personal experiences with evidence from clinical research? How do we sort through controversy to determine for ourselves where its resolution can be found? Most importantly, how […]

A few years ago I happened across this TED talk by Jane McGonigal. Seen by nearly 2 million people, it’s a seminal talk that has changed our thinking about games, learning, and making a positive difference in the world. If you haven’t yet seen it, do give it a watch because it will help you […]

Imagine playing a game that enabled you to master herbalism; including gardening, making your own herbal products, foraging for edible & healing plants, and sharing your knowledge with others. If you already have expertise with botanical therapies, imagine applying your craft in a community that awarded you for your skills and furthered your abilities. If […]