A Full Year of On-Site Classes and Wilderness Intensives

2013 is packed with herbal goodness! I’ve just added a full year’s worth of classes, events, workshops to the “Events, Workshops” page so check it out to see if there’s something nearby you’d like to attend. At the end of the year I’ll be giving some classes at the upcoming Herbalismo festival near Austin, Texas. […]

In collaboration with Native Expeditions, we’ll be holding four workshops for parents  on how to use herbs for common health issues of  infants and young children. Herbs are a safe, gentle and effective way to treat most conditions in youngsters, provided parents understand how and when to use them. Its important to know when its […]

Foraging Workshops in the Ozarks

The Ozark Mountains of Arkansas are bountiful foraging havens so we regularly conduct workshops to discover which wild foods are in season and how to prepare them. Our last workshop was in Yellville, it was cut short due to a severe storm that came in so we’re holding a make-up session this weekend. We now […]